African Grey Parrot


“Enter a world of wonder with our latest gem: meet Flocxy, the captivating Congo African Grey, now available to grace your home with her charm! This endearing sweetheart is a cuddle enthusiast and radiates warmth with her super-friendly nature. With manners as refined as her feathers and a vocabulary as clear as a bell, Flocxy is the epitome of perfection. Inside and out, she’s a vision of loveliness, guaranteed to steal your heart.

Rest assured, Flocxy will embark on her journey to your home with the utmost care, arriving safely at your doorstep no matter where you are in the world. At just 1 year and 2 months old, she’s in her prime, confirmed healthy, vaccinated, and ready to become your cherished companion.

With our steadfast commitment to excellence, we guarantee Flocxy’s secure transport to any destination worldwide. Join our delighted clients who have found their feathered companions with us — because at our farm, we take pride in offering nothing but the highest quality service. You can trust in your decision to choose us, as we stand among the finest farms globally, dedicated to delivering exceptional care and satisfaction.”


The African grey parrot is one of the most talented talking/ mimicking birds on the planet, giving it quite a reputation among bird enthusiasts. Not only do bird keepers love this intelligent bird, but it’s also one of the most recognizable species to bird novices as well — everyone knows the African grey parrot. This parrot is one of the oldest species kept by humans, with records of the bird dating back to biblical times. Understated beauty and a brainy no-nonsense attitude are what keep this parrot at the peak of popularity.

At first glance, the African grey is a medium-sized, dusty-looking gray bird, almost pigeon-like — but further investigation reveals a bright red tail, intelligent orange eyes, and a stunning scalloped pattern to its plumage

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