Ostrich Baby Birds


Welcome to the world of the extraordinary Black Neck Ostrich! 🌟 Our female ostriches are renowned for their exceptional fertility, with each one producing over 110 chicks per season. Their remarkable reproductive capabilities make them truly unique in the ostrich world.

But that’s not all – these magnificent birds grow rapidly, reaching an impressive 95kg by the age of just 8 months. However, we’ve discovered that waiting until they’re at least 10 months old before slaughter ensures the best quality meat.

Speaking of meat, the Black Neck Ostrich offers a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional poultry. With lower cholesterol, kilojoules, fat, and protein compared to chicken and turkey, it’s no wonder the demand for their meat is sky-high!

Ready to experience the exceptional quality of Black Neck Ostrich meat? 🍽️ Our shipping services guarantee 100% safety and reliability, delivering this sought-after delicacy straight to your doorstep anywhere in the world. Embrace the opportunity to savor the succulent taste of Black Neck Ostrich meat in the comfort of your own home. Let us bring this culinary delight to you! πŸ›’πŸŒ



Ostrich is the biggest bird among all the bird species. They also produce the largest eggs. An adult male ostrich weights between 63 to 130 kg and an adult female ostrich weighs about 155 kg. Adult male ostrich feathers are black colored, Β primary and caudal feathers are white-colored. Female and baby ostrich feathers can be of gray or white-colored. The neck of both male and female ostrich is almost featherless.