Black palm Cockatoo Parrot Eggs


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Triton are large white cockatoos with recurred yellow crests.

The crest feathers lie flat on the top of the head with the tips curling upward.

The only other color is yellow on the undersides of the wings. The crest feathers spread out and up when the crest is erect.They are not known for their ability to mimic and speak, These cockatoo species can be very long lived and a few individuals in zoos have lived up to 50 to 60 years.Our cockatoos are very efficient in utilization of calories,Try to ensure that the food that they do eat is nutritious. Vitamin supplements are not needed for birds that are eating a formulated diet. Also Routine bathing or showering is vital to maintaining good plumage and skin condition.Care should be taken not to clip the wing feathers excessively as cockatoos often fall and injure themselves. Clip only the primary flight feathers and only enough so the bird will glide to the floor.