Bronze-winged Baby Parrots


🌟 Discover the enchanting world of Bronze Baby Winged Pionus! 🌟

Imagine welcoming home a parrot with a personality as delightful as its appearance! Our Bronze Baby Winged Pionus is not just a bird – it’s a charming companion waiting to captivate your heart.

With its medium size and stocky build, this feathered beauty is a true sight to behold. Adorned in a stunning array of colors, from dark violet-blue to vibrant reds and greens, every feather tells a story of elegance and grace. And let’s not forget those adorable pink-tipped feathers on the throat, adding a touch of whimsy to its already mesmerizing appearance.

At just 6 months old, our Bronze Baby Winged Pionus is ready to spread its wings and join your family. Rest assured, its health and well-being have been meticulously confirmed, including up-to-date vaccinations for peace of mind.

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In the wild the Pionus parrots eat fruits, berries, seeds, possibly blossoms, and have developed a great liking for corn from cultivated fields. A Pionus diet consisting of a good parrot mix which includes formulated foods, a variety of seeds, and dried fruits is generally regarded as a suitable base to provide nutrition and variety. Along with this, provide a daily supplement of fresh fruits and vegetables.
They are active by nature and can become overweight if confined. Like the Amazon Parrots they require a low fat diet. Good Pionus bird care starts with providing a good diet.