Catalina Macaw Baby Parrots


🌟 Welcome to the world of the enchanting Baby Catalina Macaw! 🌟

Imagine bringing home a parrot that’s as unique as it is beautiful. Our Baby Catalina Macaw is a stunning hybrid, a perfect blend of the majestic blue-and-gold macaw and the vibrant scarlet macaw. With its captivating plumage and one-of-a-kind appearance, this little one is sure to steal your heart.

While Catalina macaws may not have a true scientific name, their beauty speaks volumes. Represented in taxonomy as Ara ararauna × Ara macao, they embody the best of both worlds, combining the brilliance of blue and gold with the fiery hues of scarlet.

At 1 year and 2 months old, our Baby Catalina Macaw is ready to spread its wings and become a beloved member of your family. Rest assured, its health and well-being have been carefully confirmed, including up-to-date vaccinations for peace of mind.

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