HHD Automatic Digital 7 Mini Egg Incubator Chicken Duck Egg Incubator Egg Hatcher


  • Main Function – HHD Egg Hatcher Mainly used for chicken, duck egg hatching, through to the temperature and the incubation temperature setting can be used for different kinds of breeder eggs hatch.
  • Multiple Place to Use – This egg hatcher can hold 7 chicken eggs, and it is suitable for classroom experiments, hobbies or a home based hatchery, particularly for education, to show your children or students how an egg incubated.
  • isible Designed – Transparent window allows you to have clear observation of hatching process.Special air outlets design and advanced heating system to keep air circulated, energy-saving and eco-friendly.
  • Important note: Please confirm that the egg is a fertilized egg before use.
  • Digital Control – Digital display shows important information such as current temperature. Digital temperature controls allows for temperature settings and easy operation.


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