• Introducing the HovaBator Deluxe Egg Incubator Combo, an all-inclusive solution designed to elevate your egg hatching experience. From precise temperature control to automatic egg turning, this comprehensive kit offers everything you need for successful incubation and healthy chick development.

    1. Digital Temperature Control: The HovaBator Deluxe Egg Incubator features advanced digital temperature control, allowing you to set and maintain the perfect environment for your eggs. Easily adjust the temperature to meet the specific requirements of your poultry species, ensuring optimal hatch rates.
    2. Automatic Egg Turning: With the built-in automatic egg turner, manual egg turning becomes a thing of the past. The turner gently rotates the eggs at regular intervals, promoting uniform heat distribution and preventing embryo malformations for healthier hatchlings.
    3. Digital Hygrometer: Monitor humidity levels with precision using the digital hygrometer included in the kit. Proper humidity is crucial for successful egg incubation, and the hygrometer allows you to adjust humidity levels accordingly to meet the needs of your eggs.
    4. Spacious Capacity: The HovaBator Deluxe Egg Incubator boasts a generous capacity, accommodating up to 42 chicken eggs or equivalent. Whether you’re hatching a large batch of eggs or a variety of poultry species, you’ll have ample space to nurture your hatchlings to maturity.
    5. Transparent Viewing Window: Keep an eye on your eggs’ progress without disrupting the incubation process. The incubator’s transparent viewing window allows you to observe egg development and hatching activity with ease, providing valuable insights into the incubation process.
    6. Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demands of continuous use, the HovaBator Deluxe Egg Incubator features a sturdy plastic construction that ensures durability and longevity. Its robust design ensures reliable performance, making it a valuable investment for poultry enthusiasts of all levels.
    7. Comprehensive Combo Kit: The HovaBator Deluxe Egg Incubator Combo includes everything you need to get started with egg incubation, including the incubator, automatic egg turner, digital hygrometer, instructional booklet, and additional accessories. With this comprehensive kit, you’ll have everything you need for successful egg hatching right out of the box.

    Experience the convenience and reliability of the HovaBator Deluxe Egg Incubator Combo for all your egg hatching needs. With its advanced features and comprehensive kit contents, it’s the perfect choice for achieving successful hatch rates and raising healthy poultry.



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