Rose Breasted/Galah Cockatoo Baby Parrots


Step into the delightful world of Rose-Breasted Cockatoos, where every day is filled with playful antics and heartwarming intelligence! These captivating creatures thrive on interaction and stimulation, whether it’s from engaging toys or natural branches to chew on. Renowned for their gentle demeanor, they’re known as the quietest of the ‘toos’, with only a touch of chatter in the early morning and evening.

Imagine welcoming one of these charming companions into your home, measuring a cozy 12-15 inches from beak to tail feathers. At just 6 months old, our cockatoos are bursting with youthful energy, confirmed healthy and vaccinated for their first year of life. And with both males and females available, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your family.

No matter where you are in the world, rest assured your feathered friend will arrive safely at your doorstep with our 100% guaranteed shipping. At our farm, we’re dedicated to providing nothing short of the finest service imaginable, earning us a reputation as one of the premier bird farms globally.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring the joy of a Rose-Breasted Cockatoo into your life. Join our family of satisfied clients today and experience the enchantment for yourself!



Rose-Breasted Cockatoos have bright pink feathers on their chests, bellies, and the lower half of their faces. They have pinkish-white crests and gray backs, wings, and tail feathers. They have gray feet and horn colored beaks.

Galahs make wonderful, energetic pets and, when trained with consistency, have a good talking ability. These birds have an affectionate and bubbly personality and are extremely popular as pets.  They’re very loving and affectionate birds which form a very strong bond with their owner and like to think of themselves as ‘part of the family’. However, they do like their privacy at times and are quite happy to simply be around the family rather than be handled all hours of the day.