Spixs Macaw Baby Parrots


A SMALL BLUE MACAW CONSIDERED EXTINCT IN THE WILD. The smallest of the blue macaws, the Spix’s Macaw gained international attention in 2011 via the Hollywood animated movie “Rio”, with the supposed last two Spix’s Macaws in the lead roles. Unfortunately in real life, the species has been considered extinct in the wild since the year 2000. Today, only around 160 birds exist in captivity, making the Spix’s Macaw the rarest parrot in the world.

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Parrot age : 6 Months.

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Parrot vaccination : Confirmed

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Although for a long time, the Spix macaw was confused with other blue macaws, it is in fact quite different. For one thing, it is smaller than its blue macaw counterparts. For another, its facial attributes are quite different.
The Spix’s macaw is about 56 cm or 22 in. in length, with a tail length of 26-38 cm or 10-15 in. The wing length of the bird is about 30 cm. or 9.7 to 11.18 in. While the male and female are the same in colour, they do differ in weight, with the average male being about 318 grams or 11.2 oz. and the average female is about 288 grams or 10.2 oz.