Cherish-Blue & Gold Macaw Parrot


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Blue and Gold Macaw are Beautiful, captivating, intelligent, and majestic, Blue and Yellow Macaw has held a place as one of the most popular large parrots for years. They are one of the more recognizable birds in the world and a popular pet for people who can handle a large parrot that demands attention.
Among the most popular and common species of macaws to keep as pets, Blue and Yellow Macaw have been bred in the United States since 1935.

Blue and Yellow Macaw get their common name from their two most prominent feather colours. They typically have a green forehead, fading into a teal blue that covers the nape, back, tail, and wings. The chest and underside of the wings and belly are a bright golden yellow.

Blue and Gold Macaw live in the forests near rivers and swamps, Most often seen in pairs, the macaws will gather in large flocks at certain times of the year and during morning and evening foraging for food.


Blue and gold macaws can reach lengths of up to 33 inches from the beak to the end of the tailfeathers. Their wingspan can reach an astounding 40 inches or more, and they typically weigh over 2 pounds at maturity.

Average Lifespan of a Blue and Gold macaw is 70 and more, Adopting a Blue and Yellow Macaw is a commitment for a lifetime because they can live more years.

Blue and gold macaw does well as a pet when the owners are dedicated, responsible, and well informed. The Intelligent and sociable, and as such are capable of extremely loud speech. They enjoy being near their owners and will often wander around looking for someone who can give them attention. Their sweet personality is sure to make you drop whatever you’re doing for a little playtime.

Caring for Blue and Gold Macaws Like most parrots, the blue and gold thrives on attention from its owner and will form a strong bond with its family members.

A good diet for a Blue and Gold Macaw should consist of a wide variety of seeds, pellets, fruit, and veggies. We also recommend :
Pellets, such as Vetafarm Nutriblend Pellets Large/Medium, Kaytee Pellets, Rowdy Bush, Vetafarm Macaw Nuts and Tropimix large Parrot.

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