Eagle Eggs


Step into the enchanting world of eagle conservation and witness the miracle of life with our exquisite Bald Eagle eggs. Delicately sized, each egg holds the promise of a majestic future, slightly smaller than a domestic goose egg yet bursting with the potential for greatness.

From the moment of hatching, our chicks captivate with their tiny stature, measuring just 4 to 5 inches and weighing mere ounces. With devoted care, Bald Eagles nurture their eggs for approximately 35 days, ensuring the next generation is primed for soaring success from the very start.

Experience the thrill of welcoming these noble creatures into your world as we safely transport these precious eggs to your doorstep, ensuring their protection and freshness throughout the journey. Our commitment to excellence means that we only offer eggs within the first seven days of their creation, ensuring optimal conditions for successful hatching.

Rest assured, each of our grade A fertilized eggs comes with a hatching guarantee of 99%, promising the arrival of healthy, vibrant hatchlings ready to spread their wings and explore the skies. No matter where you are in the world, our shipping services are your gateway to eagle enchantment, with guaranteed delivery to any location.

At our farm, we pride ourselves on delivering nothing short of perfection, because our clients deserve the very best. Join us on this remarkable journey and discover why we stand proudly among the finest farms in the world. Your dream of contributing to eagle conservation starts here, where excellence meets passion in every precious egg we offer.


Eggs. A bald eagle egg is slightly smaller than a domestic goose egg. The chick will measure 4 to 5 inches at hatching and weigh only a matter of ounces. Bald eagles incubate their eggs for about 35 days. They begin incubation as soon as the first egg is laid.