Golden Pheasant


Welcome to the dazzling world of Golden Pheasants! 🌟 Among the most enchanting varieties, these birds captivate with their vibrant hues and striking features. Picture brilliant red crests and rears, paired with captivating bright red breasts and bellies, creating a spectacle of color in any setting.

Males steal the show with their dazzling yellow crowns and lower backs, complemented by finely barred tails and dark wings. Meanwhile, females exhibit a more understated beauty with their mottled paler brown plumage, radiating a natural charm all their own.

Experience the wonder of nature firsthand as hens tenderly care for their clutch of 6-10 eggs, with some dedicated mothers diligently sitting and hatching their own broods. Witness the miracle of life unfold as incubation nurtures new beginnings for these magnificent creatures.

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The Golden Pheasant, Chrysolophus pictus, also known as “Red Golden Pheasant,” is known as one of the most beautiful, most ornate pheasants of the world. The Golden Pheasant is originally from the mountainous areas of Central China and is seen depicted on various ancient Chinese art, sometimes embodying the Phoenix. This is the natural creature that inspired the legend of the Phoenix. Just like the Phoenix, the Golden Pheasant is a shy creature that is rarely seen in the wild. It is amazing to think that with every colour of the rainbow, the Golden Pheasant still manages to be elusive. According to the legend of the Phoenix, if a Phoenix were to reveal itself to you, then it says much about the integrity of your gentle soul.